Services of our Medical Tourism Agency in Costa Rica

We strive to provide a wide range of services so that our clients worry as little as possible throughout the entire process of their Medical Tourism journey. Our goal is to ensure a peaceful and successful experience. The following are some of the services we offer:

Assistance and Guidance

Receive expert advice on all the details of medical tourism so that you have everything clear before starting the process. We also advise you on the best places in Costa Rica to receive the medical treatment you are looking for. Our team will guide you in choosing the ideal medical center or specialist according to your needs and preferences. If you want the initial consultation you can pay for it with the next button:

Management of Medical Appointments.

We will manage all your medical appointments and coordinate the timing with specialists and medical centers. You can trust us to organize your medical agenda for you.

Accommodation and Food

We provide apartments that are designed specifically for your recuperation needs. These apartments can be for an individual or shared with other people. They come with everything that you need and more. We also offer hotel rooms that are focused on making you feel comfortable and well taken care of while you are here. There are a number of amenities that you can use such as the gym, pool, Jacuzzi, TV, cable, and internet. You have the choice of eating meals that we provide or you can make your own meals in the apartments that come equipped with a kitchen.

Patient care

We care about the well-being and full recovery of the patient. Therefore, you can receive high-quality personalized medical attention and nursing care 24 hours a day during your recovery with physical therapies and much more.

Transport to Medical Centers.

We make sure to offer you secure and comfortable transportation services from your place of stay to medical facilities. We ensure that you reach your appointments on schedule, providing you with a stress-free experience.

Integral Logistics

We take care of all the logistical details before, during, and after your treatment. From coordinating previous exams to delivering medical reports, we will be by your side to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

Tours to costarican best places

Whether it’s before your medical intervention or while you recover, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy Costa Rica’s tourist attractions. We organize tours to iconic places, such as paradisiacal beaches, lush jungles or impressive volcanoes, so you can make the most of your stay in the country.

Additional Logistics Support.

Our commitment goes beyond strictly medical concerns. We provide additional logistical support, such as assistance with legal paperwork, restaurant reservations, and local recommendations, to ensure that your experience in Costa Rica is exceptional in all aspects.

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